Founded in 2007, Beijing Green Beans Book Co., Ltd, is a rapidly growing book company and has become a leader in design and marketing. We specialize in publishing parenting books, which are well acclaimed among Chinese parents. Many of our publications attract immediate attention as soon as they are released. We publish books of humanities and social sciences mostly in the field of parenting advice, cultural history, soul-searching literature and philosophy. Meanwhile, we also import carefully selected foreign books to be translated into Chinese, which have hitherto exceeded 60% of the total number of our publications. We have an excellent team to promote professional publishing in China and are genuinely dedicated to developing a passion for books and reading that would involve an ever-increasing number of readers.

Our books have won numerous prestigious awards or prizes. Celebrities during Republic of China, Meditations (Chinese translation), and How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk (Chinese translation) have been included in the list of 500 most influential books in the past 30 years in China. Meditations (Chinese translation) and Microtrends (Chinese translation) achieved Sohu's honour list of the top 10 best books (non-fiction category) -- Sohu is one of China’s most important web sites. Lies My Teacher Told Me(Chinese translation) was named one of the 10 most influential books in 2010 by Chinese Education Gazette. In 2008, we were given the title of “One of the Fastest Growing Book Companies” selected from more than 1000 publishing houses and book companies by, the biggest on-line bookstore in China. We were also honored the title of the “Best Performing Company” by in 2011. Triumph of the City (Chinese translation) by Edward Glaeser published in 2012 was recognized by as one of the top 10 best books of social sciences. The newly published Big Questions from Little People(Chinese translation) was nominated as one of the best children's books by New Beijing News in 2013.

As a well-established book company, we attach a great deal of importance to the contents of the books we publish. As for translated books, we make sure that the entire process of production from selecting translators to the final translation quality is under strict control. Book design and production are meticulously and even pedantically executed. Marketing strategies are routinely based on the specific features of each publication especially concerning the publicity of parenting books. Such a practice is greatly commended by the media, with which a good working relationship of long-term cooperation has been built. In addition, we have established extensive networking and alliances with parents clubs of big enterprises and companies and with other community parents clubs as well. It is our hope that what we provide to our readers are not just books but also the warm service of wisdom.

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